Tree Roots Can Cause Major Damage to a Sewer Line

Tree Root Problems Can Clog Drains and Cause Sewer Lines Backups


While trees are beautiful and provide shading to the backyard, their extensive roots can wreak havoc on your sewer lines. Tree roots naturally find their way to areas with nutrients and water sources. When these roots get into sewer lines, they cause sewer blockages, backups, and huge repair bills.

Certified Plumbing Pros Can Perform Camera Inspections and Rooter Service of Your Drain Sewage Lines

Tree Roots Can Cause Major Damage to a Sewer Line

Homeowners are usually responsible for their lateral pipes. This means that they’re liable for any damages that occur to these pipes, plus any expenses emanating from the invasion of tree roots. However, there are some states where people provide funds for certain draining procedures.

How Do Tree Roots Get Into Drain and Sewer Lines?

Roots are the lifeline of a tree. They send out feeder roots in search of nutrients and water. The feeder roots are drawn to the warm water inside the sewer lines, which releases vapor into the soil. How do vapors find their way into the soil? It’s through small cracks in the PVC piping or loose joint pipes.

When the feeder roots detect the moisture and warmth in the sewers, they’ll start to grow towards it. If they find any weakening on the pipes, they’ll infiltrate, and once they’re in there, they’ll start to expand. This will, in turn, make the pipes become larger, releasing more vapor and moisture. The roots will continue to grow, filling out the pipes, and as a result, a blockage will occur, blocking the flow.

Everything coming down the toilet would be a liberal fertilizer to the roots, making them grow even larger and enabling them to transfer more nutrients to the tree. As the roots in the pipes continue to enlarge, they put a strain on the pipes and would gradually break the clay, collapsing the pipes.

Common Signs of Tree Roots Problems on a Sewer Line

There are telltale signs that indicate tree roots problems on your sewer and drainage line. Knowing these signs can help you get to the bottom of things before it’s too late. Here are some signs you should look out for:

A slow drainage system

The common indicator of tree roots in your sewer and drainage line, especially if there is a gurgling sound from the bowl toilet. A specialized hydro-jetting service would easily get rid of any blockage in your drainage system. Even after the clean-out service, the shower and sink drainage system is still slow; tree root blockage may be a possibility.

However, it’s important to note that not every drainage problem means tree root blockage. Many clogs require a simple plumber’s snake to resolve the problem. Leaving the problem unresolved can result in water backups in your home. Water backups may cause additional water damage and burst pipes. On the other hand, when draining issues suddenly disappear, that can be due to collapsed pipes.

To protect your drainage system from tree root problems, it’s imperative to conduct regular inspections and cleaning of lateral pipes. Ensure you hire a professional plumber to undertake these tasks.

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